Middle and High School
  • Are you worried about your child's ability to manage his or her emotions? 

  • Does your child often experience sadness, depressed mood or anger?

  • Is your child having difficulties in school with focus and attention?

  • Is your child battling with peer pressure and social relationships?

  • Has your child experienced a significant trauma or loss that has led to a change in their behavior and mood?

  • Is your child struggling with self-hate and low self-esteem?

  • Is your child constantly worried or trying to manage perfectionism?

  • Is your child often stressed out and overwhelmed?

  • Is your child pulling away from you, demanding more space and wanting to spend more time with friends?

  • Are you constantly fighting with your child about homework, social media and regular daily routines?

If you answered yes to some or most of the questions above, therapy may be a great resource for your teen and family! During this time your teen is going through tremendous changes developmentally and they are beginning to develop their own identity and desire for more independence.   School demands become more overwhelming, which can lead to perfectionism and overwhelming stress.  Social relationships become more difficult to navigate with social media, peer pressure and bullying.  And many parents report that they don't know how to connect with their child at this stage.  It can be an extremely challenging experience to parent a teenager who is having difficulties in school, with peer relationships or feeling good about his or herself and place in the world. You may be concerned that he or she is at risk or currently abusing substances or is engaging in promiscuous sex or other risky behavior.  

Beginning therapy for your teen can feel like a difficult task as they may be extremely resistant.  My approach to working with teens is rooted in the relationship.  I take a lot of time to get to know your teen, their interests, their strengths, they needs and wants before determining an treatment "approach."  Treatment is tailed to their individual personalities and needs.  I have an easy-going therapy approach and have been extremely successful in working with very resistant teens.  

Seeking therapy for your teen is one of the greatest gifts you can give them as they are learning about who they are in the world and and how to become more responsible and independent.  I will support your teen in developing the skills they need to cope more effectively with stress, their emotions and their current struggles.  Using different therapy approaches, I will support them in developing higher levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and a secure identify.  I will guide them in understanding how to make informed choices and how to navigate social pressures and relationship conflict.  Additionally, if your teen is using substances or engaging in risky behavior, we will work together on developing more adaptive coping skills.  Lastly, I will support you and your family in developing stronger relationships, more open communication and more mutual understanding so that you and your teen with thrive past therapy.  


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