• Are you having a tough time communicating with your child?

  • Are you feeling disconnected from your child?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, defeated and exhausted with trying to manage your child's emotions and behaviors?

  • Are you constantly fighting with your child?  

  • Is there ongoing conflict in the home that you have tried to resolve on your own?

  • Are you ready to make changes at home to enhance the wellbeing of your family?

  • Do you feel as though your family would benefit from some additional support?

If you answered yes to some or most of the questions above, family therapy may be a great resource for you and your family! When I speak with prospective clients, I emphasize the importance of family involvement in the therapy process.  It is so important to be involved in your child's therapy process to learn new ways to cope and support them outside of therapy.  Healing happens at the family level and it is the responsibility of everyone to work towards change and growth.  Often times, families come to me seeking therapy because they are exhausted and feeling defeated.  There is poor communication, ongoing conflict and a lot of misunderstanding.  I will support your family in developing conflict resolution skills and healthy, open communication through mutual respect and understanding.  Clients often report that they use the time to feel heard and supported in an effort to than implement the practices at home.  The intention of family therapy is to support everyone in being heard, find common ground, get clear on boundaries, and begin important conversations without turning to conflict and blame.  

Furthermore, family therapy is useful for helping families cope with changes such as divorce, loss and grief.  It's also useful for families with children who are becoming teenagers and young adults to help the family transition to the changes that go along with that life stage.  

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