Grade School
  • Is your child struggling with constant fears and worries? 

  • Does your child often experience sadness, depressed mood or anger?

  • Is your child having difficulties in school with focus and attention?

  • Does your child struggle to manage his/her emotions and behaviors?

  • Has your child experienced a significant trauma or loss that has led to a change in their behavior and mood?

  • Is your child struggling with social relationships? 

  • Is your child often having temper tantrums that seem "more than normal?"

  • Does your child become aggressive at home towards you or other members in the house?

  • Does your child often say they don't want to go to school?

If you answered yes to some or most of the questions above, therapy may be a great resource for your child and family! Watching your child struggle can leave you feeling helpless and confused.  Sometimes we don't know how to help and end up feeling defeated.  Therapy has the potential to create healing and lasting change for your child and family.  Not only will you see tremendous positive growth in your child but you will feel more confident in communicating with and supporting your child once therapy has ended.  


My approach to working with children and families is rooted in empathy and collaboration.  I take a lot of time to get to know your child and family, your strengths, your values, your needs and wants before determining a treatment "approach."  Treatment is tailored to your individual needs. I spend time with both you and your child as I believe parent involvement is imperative to a positive therapy outcome.  You will learn all the new skills your child is learning so you can practice at home and feel more equipped in supporting your child through struggle. I use a variety of therapy approaches such as CBT, Play, Mindfulness, DBT and Attachment-focused Psychotherapy and support you in developing a stronger connection with your child through more "feelings conversations" and teaching your child how to get their needs met more effectively. 

Please contact me to set up your free 15-minute initial consultation to find out if we would be a good fit! 

Daytime and evening hours available.

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